Thursday, 29 March 2012

Books and plants.

 Inspiration comes at any time of serenity and rest and there was a moment when I was looking at my books stacked because they were assembling a bigger library for my study. I realized that they looked great just like that; piled up with my favorite flowers and other ornaments.

                      "Cactus with Books" Acrylic 120x 93.

wanted  to immortalize that moment immediately 
Nowadays It´s so exciting to see people reactions when they look at their finished paintings with their books, plants and favorite things; I think that this is a good way of keeping great evidence of their pleasant memories.

"My Violet" Oil 46 x 38.

It is very important for me to represent and paint things and objects that I like or inspire certain feelings because they normally produce a calming effect of wellness and harmony. In fact, this table named "My Violet" has not been sold even though I've been offered big money for it because I painted it through a very important moment of my life and I want to keep it!
As I usually travel alone; I’ve noticed that if you don´t take photographs or keep some physical evidence of that moments, after a whileIt´s as if they hadn´t existed...