Thursday, 21 June 2012

David Hockney: A broader view.

 Maybe it's just my point of view, but I was thrilled to speak with a security guard who had personally met David Hockney when he was supervising the placement of his works and told me that he is the more sympathetic artist out of the many ones that have gone through the Guggenheim Museum, and that he even introduced him to his sister!

I have no doubt that David Hockney, besides being a master painter, has to be a very happy person, because only a great man like him can make things better and more beautiful than they really are and can convey that feeling ( that only great artists who have preceded him) that doing things like him is so easy.

I have no words to express the virtues and talents of David Hockney, but I have to say that it is astonishing that a man with his ability, experience and standard of living has taken and continues taking the trouble of working so hard, studying, learning and finding out other things that go unnoticed for us! Each of his paintings are a masterful lesson with a lot of work behind!

David Hockney is so marvelous that this concern can only be attributed to the great Renaissance genius!

You have to look carefully at Hockney's paintings because they carry a great subliminal message; he makes you lose the feeling that you are looking at a painting.

I think that Hockney's philosophy is to translate into his paintings, the movements that the human eye catches while we´re looking at a landscape, for example.

He is not limited to a single perspective because when we are looking at something;  many scans of every: detail, area or object are doned by our eyes and this provides us with many different vanishing points of view, more like cubism views, whom he  has always been a big fan.

I loved the book "David Hockney. The great message conversations with Martin Gayford "so readable and entertaining ( you read it right away), though the photos of the pictures are ridiculously small, almost have to use a magnifying glass to appreciate the details. Fortunately, what matters is the content!

When I leave an exposition, nearly always; I wonder who is the person responsible for choosing the artworks that will be reproduced and selled at the museum shop . I don´t understand why, someone with that job does not have the judgment or the need to provide the best way possible what it is exhibed.

I think that anyone with a modicum of sensitivity and discretion would choose more photographs of the paintings that can not be photographed during the visit and I would do better catalogs of such wonderful exhibitions that only great museums can offer.

I have watched many times that the guards of these museums do not flinch or look at the paintings that they are keeping; and we have often said with a laugh, that they are deliberately chosen like that for guarding without distractions!
 I have been one of the privileged that have seen, for the first time in Spain, the David Hockney exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum. I never thought that they would bring 200 of Hockney´s best paintings to Spain (Bilbao).
Hockney's paintings photographs are wonderful and it is a pity that in this exhibition there only were 4 different postcards out of his 200 works. Thankfully,  the catalog: "David Hockney. A broader view " is very complete and includes all the paintings shown along the visit.

Hockney´s  videos:  painting and being interviewed have no waste and are a masterpiece  to see many times!

I highly recommend you to see this exhibition if you can. I will be back and definitely, I would see the exposition daily!